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We’ve written about food, sold food, and studied food. Eats Now or Never is the online food magazine where we hope to share our fascinations with food, and the answers to the questions we always ask about food: Which Jollibee Chickenjoy part gives you the best value for your money? Which motel in the metro serves the best pancit canton? What items should you eat at a buffet to get your money’s worth? Can you actually lose weight on a diet of only McDonalds? 

These are just some of the questions that bother us and–from what we’ve seen and the feedback we’ve received–thousands of others, as well. Your usual food blog we definitely ain’t.

Food is fleeting and ephemeral. Eats now or never.



Combined, the team behind Eats Now or Never has nearly a decade of experience in the food manufacturing, culinary, and publishing industry.


Peter Imbong
Peter Imbong is a full-time freelance journalist and writer. After a two and a half-year stint writing for the country’s leading business magazine, in 2012, he resigned to pursue freelance writing. Since then he’s written for many local publications and news websites. His most memorable assignment was being sent to Maguindanao to cover the then ongoing peace process with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The food was horrible, but there was Jollibee. And then everything was fine.
E-mail: peter[at]


Hershey Ang
Two truths and a lie – After graduating from Management Engineering at the Ateneo, Hershey Ang studied culinary arts at ISCAHM and then had a 6 month culinary journey in Europe. He once ordered Breakfast Value Meals 1, 2, 3 and 4, two large fries and a hot fudge sundae for breakfast. Once, he was asked who he would rather meet: Neil Strauss, author of The Game and professional pickup artist, Warren Buffet, legendary investor, or Jesus Christ, saviour of mankind, without skipping a beat, he chose the first.


Dale Quimpo
Dale Quimpo sells meat for a living. When he isn’t thinking about meat, he can be found nerding out with his friends, playing boardgames or looking for new places to eat. He regrets that he never got to eat at El Bulli before it closed, and hopes to eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro before it’s too late. Dale thinks that cutting fat out of any diet is a crime, and that bacon is overrated.


Claudia Rivera
Claudia Rivera, armed with a degree in Anthropology, works full-time for Ashoka Philippines, an international NGO. When she isn’t busy saving the world, she’s probably eating cake or in the kitchen, baking the best soft chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever taste. Eats Now or Never wouldn’t have existed without her; she cooked up the name for the website!
E-mail: claudia[at]


Established: February 2014
Logo designed by: Paul Imbong

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