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Eats Now or Never prides itself  with producing quality content that’s intelligent, witty, and, at the same time, accessible to all food-lovers. If you’re a writer or graphic designer that loves food as much as we do and want to see your work on ENON’s pages, you might be the guy (or gal) we’re looking for.

Show me the money!

As Eats Now or Never is practically a fetus in the whole timeline of the World Wide Web, we currently can’t promise our contributors any monetary compensation. While we advise you to keep your day job, if your article is great, then you can also expect a nice token from us. We value quality content and want to let our contributors know that we appreciate that.

What’s in it for me, then?

Showcase your work to the rest of the world. In our first two weeks alone Eats Now or Never had nearly 25,000 page views. That’s 25,000 pairs of eyes reading your work, appreciating your design, and being directed to your own website or portfolio. That’s something your Facebook feed can’t provide.

Build your own writing or design portfolio with your own byline. If published, all articles and design projects created by you will be credited to your name or–if you prefer to keep a small digital footprint–a very cool pseudonym. And if you have a personal site or portfolio, we would be glad to link to that, as well.

Eat out for free. We’ll be asking you to accompany us on food features, in-depth culinary experiments, restaurant reviews, as well as food-related press and media events. While we may not be able to pay our contributors (for now), we can guarantee to make them fat.

Become a part of a rising food and lifestyle magazine website with amazing prospects for growth. Eats Now or Never began as a simple project by friends hoping to give a  fresh new spin to online food writing. And the response from our thousands of readers has been amazing. We’re giddy like schoolgirls at the plans we have in store for the next 12 months, and we want the best people to help us achieve that. You can be part of our success.

I’m convinced. What do I need to do?

Send us an e-mail at editor[at] indicating in the body your desire to contribute and your background. Place “Contributor: Writer/Designer” in the subject line. Choose between the two on how you want to contribute to Eats Now or Never. Attach your writing or design portfolio, if you have one. Lastly, list down 3 story ideas you think we should write about. Whether if it’s a story feature or an infographic idea, we want to hear it.

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