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Located along the famed Maginhawa Street in Quezon City, Kazam Kebab House, better known as the “House of Unli Shawarma” is a Persian-inspired restaurant that offers unlimited shawarma for just P235. From 12 noon-3 p.m. and 6 p.m.-9 p.m. every day, you can avail of this Middle Eastern delicacy plus one glass of iced tea.

The Shawarma Challenge
Kazam’s Shawarma composed of cucumber, onions, tomatoes and beef kebab (ground beef) wrapped in pita bread is a bit of fusion of Mexican and Indian flavors seemingly because it can be hot and spicy however you want it, especially when poured with the usual sauces of garlic yogurt and chili sauce. The meat is tender, soft and supple while the taste and the scent of the onions can reach up to your nostrils, providing a peppery tang and zest.

On one plate, you can avail of at least four Shawarmas.

What is interesting about having Shawarmas at Kazam is that even before you put in your order, the restaurant already presents a test to those who want to order its Unlimited Shawarma. On a blackboard posted on their wall shows an instruction in the Vernacular language. Its tagline, “Ilan ang kaya mo? (How many can you eat?)” depicts that the restaurant just doesn’t want to challenge you, it tempts and entices you to eat more than what you can.  It provides a list that lures you to how many you should eat – and according to the written notes, you shouldn’t stop at just three or “Wag tumigil, lugi ka (Don’t stop or else you’ll lose)”.

According to Managing Director Leah Manlapaz, the one who holds the record of eating as many Shawarmas in one sitting is a father who was hooked on eating anything that is unlimited. “When he found out that we offer Unlimited Shawarma, he scooted right over,” she recounts. “He ate a total of 12 Shawarmas in just one hour. I remember how his hands and mouth were so agile and quick in gobbling those Shawarmas that even his shirt became spoiled with sauces in the process.”

For customers who can eat as many Shawarmas, there is no reward, however – only bragging rights. Manlapaz adds, though, that they may be planning to post the photos of those who have eaten many Shawarmas in their “pride” walls.

Shawarma and more
Aside from Shawarma, you can also avail of the following delectable dishes. Try the Chelo Kebab (CK) Specials which are served with buttered rice, tomatoes and onions. Get the CK Kobideh or two sticks of beef kebab (P150 without iced tea and P165 with iced tea); or the CK Barg or one stick tenderloin (P230 without iced tea and P245 with iced tea). You can also avail of the CK Chicken Beef or a combination of chicken and beef kebab (P215 without iced tea and P230 with iced tea).-#EatsNowOrNever

Kazam Kebab House
162 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, QC
(+63) 932 6293174
Operating hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday to Sunday
Facebook: Kazam Kebab House

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