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Filipinos love chicken. In fact, according to the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, chicken meat is the second most popular meat in the country, following pork. And that’s just raw chicken. What happens when it’s fried?

And when it comes to fried fowl, number one is the perfection that is Jollibee’s Chickenjoy. Crispy, juicy, and savory, and accompanied by a gravy that we swear they should also serve as shots, it’s so good the suffix -joy had to be appended.

But the dilemma most fast food fans face at the counter is which chicken part will give them the best value for their money? We’ve heard people say that chicken wings have the most skin and that chicken breast gives you the most meat. Some say chicken wings have the most bones. Is this really true? We need to get our facts straight.


In order to end all the debate, Eats Now or Never spent an entire weekend trying to find out which is the best Chickenjoy part to order that’ll give you value for your money. Because isn’t that what everyone wants? The purpose of the study was to find out which part has the best skin to bone, and meat to bone ratio.

To do this, we ordered 4 buckets of Chickenjoy and meticulously weighed each piece’s skin, meat, and bone separately using an electronic scale and then analyzed the results. Below are our findings.

Click the infographic to enlarge.


The aftermath:


All in all, the chicken breast is without a doubt, the most sulit Chickenjoy part. It has the heaviest average weight, the most meat , and  the least amount of bones. In our experiment, we had one chicken breast that weighed in at 162 grams, and one drumstick that weighed in at 80 grams. That’s literally more than twice as much chicken, and that’s not even taking into account the bones.-#EatsNowOrNever


Editor’s Note: This post was not sponsored by Jollibee Foods Corporation–although it should’ve been. That was a lot of chicken.

Do you have any recommendations for future chicken studies? Or have comments on some stuff we should have or should not have done in this study? Let us know in the comments below.


Infographic: Sonny Ramirez


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John Dale Quimpo

John Dale Quimpo

This article was written by John Dale Quimpo. He sells meat for a living. When he isn’t thinking about meat, he can be found nerding out with his friends, playing boardgames or looking for new places to eat. He regrets that he never got to eat at El Bulli before it closed, and hopes to eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro before it’s too late.
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